Monday, October 31, 2011

A Mission of Health

I used to be a tiny wisp of a woman. In my 20’s I weighed around 125 pounds. My weight went up and down dramatically during my late 20’s and again in my early 30’s. I went on a health kick in my late 30’s where I was down to a size 3/5 and looked great.

At the age of 45, I am at a whopping 180 pounds. Most of the time, I don’t worry about it. I feel attractive, and I am happy. There’s only one problem. I am not healthy.

I do not desire to be 125 pounds again. 145 pounds would be a much healthier and safer weight for me. I am aware that being overweight is a huge risk factor for disease. Obesity has been linked to most major diseases. I want to be around for many more years to raise my daughter.

The average woman is what health officials would consider overweight. Obesity is an epidemic in our country. The thought occurred to me that asking my readers to join me on a quest for health is the most encouraging and inspirational thing I could ever do.

I will not do this perfectly. I know this. I will have peaks and valleys in this journey. This is my way of both helping others and making myself accountable at the same time.

Tomorrow I will share my plan of attack to get my body healthier. Will you join me?

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