Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Ways to Love Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a fabulous and healthy alternative to other cooking oils and butter. It can be used in numerous ways, both for cooking and for beauty. It is a solid up to the temperature of 75 degrees F. It does not require refrigeration, and will safely store 18 months to 2 years. It melts easily with low heat. It is best stored out of direct sunlight.
Coconut oil can be purchased in the grocery store for about $6. Organic virgin coconut oil is the best kind to purchase, and can be found at any health food store or online. Coconut oil is made up of mostly saturated fat. However, unlike most saturated fats made up of unhealthy long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil is primarily made up of the healthier medium-chain fatty acids. Not only is it not as bad as most of the fatty oils we would normally ingest, it is actually good for you and has numerous health benefits. It is also light and flavorful. The beauty benefits of coconut oil are only beginning to be discovered, and are already numerous.
1.    Use instead of butter, margarine, cooking oil, and cooking spray.
2.   Because it melts at 76 degrees F, watch it closely so it does not burn.
1.    Use as a lightweight moisturizer on normal or normal/dry skin.
2.   Use as a lip balm.
3.   Lightly coat scalp and hair for a deep conditioning treatment. Wash thoroughly and condition normally after use. Wrap hair in a towel and sleep with it on for added moisturizing.
4.   Use as an eye makeup remover. Glide a coconut oil soaked cotton ball or cotton swab over or under eyes and wash face normally.
5.   Use in place of lotion immediately out of the bath or shower before toweling off.
6.   Put a few drops in the bath for soft skin.
7.   Use on cuticles and hands for soft supple skin.
8.   Rub into feet at night and put socks on to soften dry heals.

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