Tuesday, November 8, 2011


One of my new favorite bloggers, Chris Guillebeau, sent me an email today that inspired me. This is nothing new as his website, The Art of Non-Conformity, usually does inspire me. This particular email really made me think today. The very last line asked me the question, “What can you do to feel more alive today?”

I started thinking on that very question. What can I do? I have been struggling with bronchitis for about a month. Anyone on antibiotics and steroids knows that after a month, it gets a bit much. So, I am more than ready to feel alive.

Chris’s email entitled The Sense of Being Alive encouraged me to just do something! I have goals, of course. I have a plan to start yoga at the gym on Thursday. I am going to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday. But, what can I do today?

I made a couple decisions to that end. First, I will blog about this and link to Chris’s site because I really enjoy what he writes and it always lifts me up. I want it to lift you up too. Second, I will spend some time this evening practicing some yoga poses all on my own.

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