Monday, November 7, 2011

Yoga: My 1st Baby step

I decided that because I want my healthy start to be a lifestyle change, I am going to make slow and steady changes. My first change besides eating healthier is to get some exercise. I have always liked yoga. I used to do a lot of yoga years ago. I enjoy the slow, low-impact movements. Being so overweight makes moving feel very cumbersome, and my joints often ache. I think yoga will be just the ticket to get me moving.

I have a yoga app on my iPhone that has different poses and even a plan with different workouts. I wanted to do some more research on it to get armed with as much information as possible. I also plan to attend yoga classes at the gym as long as I can get the scheduling to coordinate with work, school, and my daughter.
I found this website which I am pretty excited about. 

Yoga Journal 

  1.  Pose index with pictures
  2.  Articles of basic information
  3. Information on anatomy and meditation
  4. Background history and traditions of yoga
  5. Basic holistic healing information
  6. Yoga teacher directory
  7. Yoga blogs, videos, and newsletters
  8. A marketplace to shop for yoga accessories
  9. Question and answer section
I am still investigating the site, but I like what I see so far.

Today, since I am still sick and recovering from bronchitis, I will start by doing a few poses at home and reading over the site to arm myself with information.

 I will also be trying to schedule at least one yoga class at the gym by the week’s end.

What are you doing to start your road to good health?

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